Surya Respects The Love From Fans

There were no updates about Surya's 36th movie #NGK and Surya37. So while waiting for new official updates, let's look at some cool things that Surya always do! 

In the below image, Surya was actually wearing a shirt, which was gifted by his fans in a recent fans meet! And this pic is going viral all over the social media, this itself shows how down to earth and how he respects the feeling of his fans.

Surya-Love-For-Fans-wearing -shirt-NGK

And also take a look at some of the pics which were taken recently, were Surya poses for photos with his fans! 

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  2. Hema Soundarya Coimbatore26 May 2018 at 20:58

    Suryaaa����what a dedicated person... Simplicity level and calm behavior at both when u achieve something and when u lose on something is really amazing...Best actor best father best husband best son best brother...Importantly ...BEST HUMAN BEING i have ever seen in this world...My motivator, my crush��������,my role model,my man...My everything....Love u surya...

    1. Hi Hema,
      Thanks for your valuable comment on Suriya Sir. I can see your love for Suriya in your comments and wishing you a great future ahead.
      For more official updates about Suriya sir, I recommend you to subscribe to our blog, so that you won't miss any updates about Surya sir.

      Once again thanks for making your comment here! :)


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