Durai Singam : The Toughest Cop

7 Years of Blockbuster Singam : Durai Singam

7 Years of Singam 

Remember the first entry of Durai Singam ? If you can, you're awesome... ;) 
Yes, It has been so long, 7 years the toughest cop "Durai Singam" has taken charge. The Singam series probably the best, successful series in Tamil industry has released 3 sequels, each with different producers, Sun Pictures, Prince Pictures and Pen movies has grossed tremendous profit and became successful franchise.

The film "Singam" directed by Hari was released on May 28, 2010 was a complete entertaining film and family audience taken up Durai Singam as their role model. The dialogues and fight scenes were powerful, the dialogue "Singathe Photole Paathurukke, Tv le Paathurukke.... " gives same goosebumps  as when the film released even after 7 years. 

So, wht's your opionion on Singam Series? Is it worth watching? or do you have any other comments on the series? Just make sure to comment below! 

Image courtesy: twitter.com