Suriya's advice to his fans

Surya Advices His Fans to Not Fight With Other Fans
We all know, the movie “Masss – Massu Engira Massilamani” was released on May 29, and some of the fans of other actors degraded the good movie as usual. Naturally, for preventing those fake reviews from the degrading people, Suriya fans tried their best. As usual there were no relief, and results into usual fight between the fans, A Fan Clash!

Meanwhile, actor Suriya, Finding such posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites, the actor himself came in front to make a full stop. Fed up with such activities, recently, Suriya writes on his “official twitter account” as below

~ “Just Don’t Want Fans and Well Wishers to Fight With Other Fans. Spend more time on Yourself, Family and Make Them Proud!” ~


Now, the tweet is trending, and Suriya fans trying their best to prevent future collisions with other fans. I too against such degrading and fan clash. The actors themselves should lead their fans to avoid such issues, by posting their messages to their devoters. If this happens, there are no doubt that the cinema industry will grow longer than today. 

What you think about “Fan Clash”? Do the actors should lead their fans? Comment your thoughts! 

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