Masss (Massu Engira Massilamani): A Complete Family Entertainer

Suriya’s Masss Running Successfully With Positive Reviews And Record Breaking Collections

Masss- A Complete Family Entertainer

Suriya who is known for his tremendous opening in releasing centres, gets another victory. All though, the opening collection reports from Kerala were not compromising to his standards still Masss gets a good opening there too. The best opening for Massu Engira Massilamani is from overseas and Andhra. The collection reports of those places was overwritten the existing records by the Masss movie. The craze on Andhra were amazing and they welcomed the movie and now running successfully without any lag in collections. You can simply imagine the craze by knowing “Masss movie released in more centers in Andhra than Tamilnadu”. The only place where collection reports as well as reviews, were as not expected is Kerala. The two star movies were released with the Masss there and not running as expected but heard now picking up the pace and people addressed the good film. As usual in Tamilnadu, Masss becomes one of the best opener and continues it’s good run with all over positive reviews.

Surely, Masss is a variety film from Suriya, and Venkat Prabhu first time directed a emotional – thriller and reached the audience very well and the reviews about the film were very good from the movie’s concept, comedy, horror nature, climax, acting etc... It is the first time, Venkat Prabhu chooses a different way which attracts every audience especially the family and kids apart from his previous attempts which was completely for youngsters. 

Conclusion: For to conclude, Masss (massu engira massilamani) is a complete entertainer, which was loved by any age group, without any negative accepts in it. The director Venkat Prabhu gives a strong film to the Tamil industry, which will be one of the most successful movies so far. Go with your family to get entertained 2 and half an hour, you will worth watching this movie for sure! 

If you have watched the movie, Please do comment ! :) Haters Please Do not Degrade Such an Excellent Movie! :)                                                                                                                            
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