Surya Redefines Masss With First Look Poster Itself

#Masss New Second First Look Poster Released!

Masss New 2nd First Look Poster With Pin Hook Colourful Style
Masss New 2nd First Look Poster With Pin Hook Colourful Style

Time for trending! Surya’s upcoming horror thriller #Masss redefines the word by means of title and also with variety. #Masss first look poster were trended with it’s variety #mug_shot editing and now the second first look poster too trending like a boss in all social media and messengers like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp etc. 

The new poster is very different from the older one which defines with its dark shade, the newer one defines the mass with colourfulness. Like the previous #mug_shot poster this too trending, and all are trying to copy it. 

As you can see above, there are certain specials in the poster. The most striking one is that Surya is wearing a safety pin, in his left ear. You can see that in close examination. And also like in #Anjaan locket, Surya’s glass had a Rupee symbol in the first look poster. 

So that’s it for now, we will be shortly updating the creations of fans, across social media’s and the #Masss level of trending! Let others know why yo like #Masss!


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