Anjaan & Lingaa Biggest Opening Crowd Pullers of 2014!

Anjaan And Lingaa Gets Huge Openings, But Criticised! 


Anjaan and Lingaa starred by Surya and Rajni respectively was gained huge crowd on openings. But, they were hunted by critics around the world. Eventhough, Anjaan and Lingaa were commercially successful movies, it is to be noted that they are not lived up to the expectations of the viewers.

What happened to Anjaan?

Anjaan was directed by N. Lingusamy and the combo “SuryaLingusamy” is new and expectations were high. The turning point on this was, when the FirstLook of Anjaan was released. It increases the hype of the audience. It is to be noted that Anjaan was the most expected film of 2014. But when it released it is just an ordinary lingusamy film with improvements, but that was not the audience expected for. Anjaan becomes a complete Surya film, and the audience who watched the film without expectations liked it and voted as a good film, while others are disappointed. In a recent interview Director N. Lingusamy revealed that 

It was my mistake, that I couldn’t live up to the expectation of our viewers. But trust me Anjaan was not a bad movie, it is a good one, but not just as expected!   ~ N. Lingusamy

Whatever it is, the huge hype for the film was visible in every state which released Anjaan. All over India, it gets huge openings, breaking the previous record of Singam 2. Anjaan had covered its production cost in just a week or below that and declared as super hit. Even though the film criticized hugely, it was box office success and no theatre owners or else suffered with any loss.

So What about your views on Anjaan? Did you got an First Day First Show Ticket? How was the film? Did the film lived up to your expectations? Shout out loud let the world know! Have Discussions!