Singam2 100 Days Completed: Massive Success

Surya’s Singam2 Completes Massive 100 days: Blockbuster of this Year
The movie “Singam2” starring Nadippin Nayagan Suriya, Anushka, Danny Sapany, Hansika, Santhanam, Rahman, Vivek and more has completed its successful massive 100 days victory today. The movie was early hit the screens like storm and continued its good run in every theatres. The film has released in record theaters worldwide and now its time for the 100th day.

The theater owners already stated that “Singam2 is the film which made us more profit than any other films released recently." It was clear the Singam2 gets the heart of audience and roared like a real lion.

It was not so easy to run successful 100 days in these days... With the films releasing frequently a simple film cannot do magic of 100 days. It was true that Singam2 is the one and only film which is a blockbuster of this year. No other films get to this unique point yet…

Congrats to the whole team of Singam2 for giving this massive success and hope the crew will join again to hit the screen with Singam3.

Note For Suriya fans: As celebration to Singam2’s 100thday. Surya fans are decided to trend in twitter on 11-10-2013 today. Interested fans can be join with us in Twitter. The Tag will be trending in twitter… Support us!

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