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Hi friends, Hope you doing good… Here now I am going to talk about “Is Nadippin Nayagan Surya dropped the projects with GVM And Lingusamy (Dhruva Nakshathiram & An Untitled Project)? There is no need to do a post about this but I have seen lots of fans are asking this question to me and they are not satisfied with any answer that I gave. They still asking the same question with excitement as there are lots of rumors & gossips buzzing around, and my answer was the same.

So, I just think about this post “Really Surya droped Dhruvanakshathiram or lingusamy’s untitled project? And to give the surya fans the correct answer with proof. I know the question about the film drop was not foolish because as I already said there are lot of rumors buzzing around surya fans. One of them is Director. Nalan Kumarasamy going to direct for Surya? The news may be right but the official confirmation yet to come. As Surya already signed for the two projects there is no schedule/date available for other directors.

Then why Surya is not working/shooting now? Yes, Surya is now passing through one of his longest break in his career. He is out of work. The reason behind this is that Surya have signed for the projects with Goutham Vasudev Menon (DhruvaNakshathiram) & Lingusamy (Yet to title), but not started working. The film “DhruvaNakshathiram’s Pooja was already conducted with stars Parthiban and other actors.

I have not come to the point yet…. The reason behind this break is that Surya is now more conscious about selecting the scripts. He want perfect script for him.
Here are the reason why I am saying These films are not drop0ed:

UntitledProject With Lingusamy: Lingusamy’s script was interested Surya but, some other director claimed that it was his script which was written for actor Vijay. So Lingusamy is now re-writing the whole script so the break is going longer. [I have also heard that the new script will be similar to Lingusamy previous direction “Sandakozhy” starring Vishal].

 The film is not droped for sure and I have a video which contains Lingusamy’s statement about his next film with Surya. If anyone interested and need the video please comment to this post then only I can upload it for you. Hope Surya fans will need that video.

DhruvaNakshatiram:  Goutham Vasudev Menon (GVM) was given Surya 3 scripts which was named, 1.Thuppariyum Aanandhan 2. DhruvaNakshthiram &  3. Ennai nokki Paayum thotta. Thuppariyum Aanandhan was a Action thriller which is based on a novel and it was in the mind of Surya on the shooting of Maattrraan. But, Surya have selected “Dhruvanakshathiram” and requested GVM to make some changes in the script. So, now GVM is doing some changes in the script and after they will come together for sure.

Another one reason for “Dhruva Nakshathiram” not droped is that GVM’s own production house Photon Factory was in loss by producing his own movie like “Nadunisi naygal” and etc… So, the production house is in loss and GVM want Surya to act in his movie so that only his production house will back into profit. I think the satellite rights are sold and the production house back into the profit again looking for a massive release.

I have a video which GVM stats that he will do “Dhruvanakshathiram” with Surya. If anyone need this video please comment… I will surely upload.

Surya Fans, the information here are 100% true not any gossips and rumors. I didn’t post anything for increasing visitors flow. I have given true information hope you liked this. Please bookmark, Subscribe us to get latest true updates about Our Nadippin Nayagan Surya. Also share this website to your friends and let them also get updates.

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