Singam2 successfully completed 50 days - Huge collection Reports: Biggest BlockBuster OF the Year (2013)

Surya’s Singam2 Completed 50 Days Successful Run At The Box Office

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Singam2 the action Cop thriller movie has now completed its successful box office 50 days run

When referring, Singam 2 was the only movie which grossed & had astonishing run at the box office in recent times, the movie is successfully running in more than 10 theaters in Chennai alone and theater owners are really happy with the film’s performance and they say “Singam2 will pass 100 days here! It’s the Fast & Racy Screen Play & Dialogues which make this success!”.

The film “Singam2” have already re-written some records when the film releases itself. The film crew achieved to release the film in huge number of theatres breaking the record of “Endhiran”, and in kerala it rewritten the record as 151 theatres “Mountain Release” ever for a Tamil Film!

The collection are too astonishing & amazing,  with grossing 13Cr in Chennai alone (Still Running J) and grossing awesome in Kerala, Karnataka & overseas. But, There is no reports are coming from Andhra Pradesh where a Massive fan following for Surya! Remember Singam2 gets the milestones of second Tamil movie to run successful 50 days in USA. Yes, the film also completed 50 days in USA, and the second film to do it after Endhiran.

The Collections are too good, so many sites are showing that Singam2 collected 230+ Crores similar to Endhiran’s gross (Without Calculating Satellite Rights and Others), but I’m not sure about the collections. :/  We can surely say Singam2 passed 100Crores and still running successfully.

                          While talking to theater owners they said “Singam2 is the only film which gives us big profit in recent times”. They are too happy with the result (~ approximately 80Lakhs via twitter). Now, the trade talk is that Singam2 is the biggest blockbuster of 2013.
So, the celebrations are still to come, sure that Singam2 will cross 100days… It is very important to remember that in these days, a film can’t easily run a 50 days successful running while lot other films are releasing together.

I know, that Singam2 released alone, but, after that about 6films are released but still now Singam2 is on the top! It’s true not for any promotion.

Happy to hear Singam2 Completed 50 Days? Then what are you waiting for? Just Comment your thoughts here! Let the world know what you feel for Surya! J

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