Surya donates 10 Lakhs to Uttarkhand people: Exclusive Official News

Kedharnath Disaster (Uttarkhand): Surya and Karthi donates 10Lakh

We all know, that “The Nature” done a great disaster in the form of “Flood” at Uttarkhand, Kedharnath. There are lots of people lose their life and many of others fighting for their lives.

Thousands of people who went there are missing and also over 1lakh people are rescued by the Indian Army. Hat’s off to them for doing such a kind rescue.

For this Our Kind actor Surya and his brother Karthi together gave 10Lakh rupees to the government fund for the wellness of the people at Kedharnath.

Also Hat’s off to our surya sir.....

Pray for their Life Friends …. God Will Bless Them …

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