Surya the Living legend


We all know, Suriya is now one of the most successful & wanted actor. He is selective, hard working & dedicated.
Now, he is getting more calls from leading directors as well as leading ads also. Remember, he has been called for work with Kamal Hassan in Hollywood. Avoiding some people who wanted to throw wastes in cinema industry, everyone likes our Suriya Sir, from child to adult.
Now, Suriya is selected as the Brand Ambassador of Malabar Gold Jewelers which was Mohanlal in Malayalam.
Recently, Suriya was asked “Good remuneration from films yet he chooses to work in ad commercials too. Why?”...........
He answered that “He accepts endorsement only if the concern agrees to indulge themselves in philanthropic activities.”……
The Actor Said “What I earn from acting in movies is to support my family and what I earn from commercials goes towards the upliftment of underprivileged childrens.”
Our hero Suriya explained with the trade mark smile that he always bears….
He is not earning money just for himself.
Now can you think that he is not a living legend???….
He is a Living legend & Living role model for youth….

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