Last thing for my fellow haters: 

When your favorite hero  remakes advertisements, movies and even costumes from "telugu" movies, especially the kind of crap movies that he acts. All he does in his movies is, 4 Masala Songs, with few "So-called" comedy sequences, some really awkward, out-of-the world stunt sequences (that's impossible to anyone in reality) and of-course, look, you call those movies as "Awesome", BlockBuster Hit, massive hit etc. Seriously, are you guys out of your minds ? 

And when someone with a caliber like K.V.Anand, who has already given awesome and sensible movies, had brought a mind-blowing one minute teaser, that took the hell out of you. You guys are simply jealous of the movie , aren't you ? :D (Think honestly).

When you guys are so jealous of others hard work, it shows in every action that you do. In fact, all that you guys have done has been no harm to us, but only to you. It has degraded to look of your fans altogether. So next time, you guys go out and start spreading rumors, just to spoil a movie's credibility, try do something sensible and mature. All you are doing is, DE-motivating Tamil Cinema, which has thankfully evolved into a great entertainment industry unlike Bollywood.

What i am trying to convey through this post is, 
"Never Judge a book by its cover" 

""Try to understand the hardwork put-in by the artists for a big movie such as this, instead of flaming out on others and creating a bad aura around the film.""


  1. True True True...........
    Good Post.....

  2. Everyone is equal


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