Sillunu oru kadhal Film details (Suriya Films)

Sillunu Oru Kadhal Film Details

Director:  N. Krishna
Production:  K. E. Njananavel Raja
Release Date: September 8, 2006
Written By: N. Krishna
Music Director: A.R. Rahman
Cinematography: R. D. Rajasekhar
Editing: Anthony
Distribution: Studio Green


Kundhavi (Jyothika) was brought up in a small village called Ambasamudram. She along with her two friends decide to have love marriage. However she is not so successful. So, Kundhavi's father arranges her marriage to Gautham (Suriya Sivakumar). Both look gloomy during the wedding due to obvious reasons.
Six years later in Mumbai they have a 5-year-old daughter Aishu (Aishwarya) (Shriya Sharma) and live as a happily married couple. Gautham works as the chief engineer at an automobile company and goes to New York for a short period. During this time, Kundhavi comes across Gautham's old college diary. Gautham wanted to be an engineer from small age and forced his father’s brother to pay donation for him to get a seat in a college in Coimbatore for automobile engineering. From the second year of college he is the don there. In college, he was attracted to Aishu (Bhoomika), Coimbatore MP's daughter. Gautham and Aishu fall deeply in love and they decide to get married. At the registrar's office after Gautham ties the knot, Aishwarya's father and his men beat him up, separating the lovers and sending Aishwarya off to Australia. At the end of the diary, Gautham writes a note: "if I have one wish, it would be to live with Aishu happily at least for one day."
Gautham comes back from New York following a business trip and finds his wife changed. She works late and avoids him. She finds Gautham's lost love Aishu, who had just returned from Australia. Aishu has changed to a Western-clad modern girl in contrast to the traditional salwar kameez she wore in college. Kundhavi asks Aishu to visit them and she tells her husband that he should live happily with Aishu for a day and that for that one day, she and their daughter do not exist for him, and leaves Gautham with Aishwarya, leaving for her best friend's house.
That day Gautham spends with Aishwarya, Kundhavi imagines them to have a good time and eventually fallen in love with each other all over again. When she gets back home, dreading, she finds her husband alone at home. She asks about his day with Aishwarya, and he gives her a letter written to Kundhavi from Aishwarya. In it, Aishwarya says that within five minutes of speaking to Gautham, he mentioned 'Kundhavi' so many times that she realized that he loved his wife so much and is leading a very happy life. She wishes the couple a happy life and leaves, never to return.

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