Periyanna film details (Suriya films)

Periyanna film details

Director:  S. A. Chandrasekhar
Production:  Jaya S.K Subbayya
Written by: S. A. Chandrasekhar
Editing: Saleem Vasu
Running time: 148 minutes
Release Date: April 14, 1999
Music Director: Bharani



Suriya, the main character, killed the villains who murdered his family and has been sent to jail. During his time in jail, a well-respected collector celebrates his daughter's birthday in prison. The collector's daughter is impressed by Suriya’s talent in singing and convinces her father to grant her special permission to learn music from him. During this time, they fall in love with each other and opposition grows from both the girl's parents and the police department they elope. They come to a remote town where they witness the murder of a collector in the railway station during broad daylight, but no one seems to care. They then see that the man who murdered the collector is the chief of the village, so they try to oppose him. In their time at the village, they learn about his past and change their mind about him. He promises them to get them married. The movie then moves towards the climax as whether the village chief will be successful in getting those two lovers married or the girl's father will be successful in separating them using the legal system against them.

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