Interview with Suriya

Recent Interview with Suriya

What do we need to know about 'Maattrraan', besides the fact that you play conjoined twins?
There are a few scenes which are yet to be shot and there is no editing and post production in the movie. It will all be computer graphics. We got six twins to play the childhood roles.

Each pair was different, sometimes they used to cry together, sometimes one would be sober and the other be hyper. This is a new concept and if it has been tried in Hollywood movies, I do not wish to see them. My role would then become influenced, I do not want that.

How different has the experience been?
It has taken us almost a year to complete the film. We did 2,500 (computer graphic) shots for the movie and a lot of test shoots were done in office. We purposely chose the difficult ones. We want people to say "how did they manage to do that?”

Are you on the lookout for offbeat roles?
When I select a movie, I ensure that it has both the commercial aspect and the topic is a little offbeat. Even if you take 'Apoorva Sagotharargal', where one sees Kamal Hassan in a double role, it had entertainment value and something challenging for the actor. I am lucky to get such scripts.

After 'Raktha Charithra', you haven't been seen in any Hindi film? Will you be doing one soon?
I never had the drive to do Hindi films. I have always been identified and loved as an actor in the Tamil industry, I speak this language, know the culture. I can manage Hindi, but when I emote, I do not get the connection. There is no reason for me to leave scripts in Tamil and go there, unless there is a movie that cannot be done here. But I will make sure it is released in Tamil as well. Ram Gopal Varma is a personal favourite. I have been good friends with a lot of directors there but I have a mind block. I would love to do a 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara', 'Hum Tum' or a 'Fanna'.

How have you evolved in these 15 years?
Certain movies have received rave reviews, which were unexpected. But I cannot do roles that I did five years ago. Every film has to get better and I have a new generation watching my movies. Each film has to be different and bigger.
'Maattrraan' is scheduled to be released on September.

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