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Sunday, September 09, 2012

“Maattrraan” Telugu Tile Confirmed as “Brothers”

“Maattrraan” Telugu Tile Confirmed as “Brothers”

The highly expected K.V. Anand - Suriya combo’s “MaattrraaN” was titled as “Brothers” in the Telugu version.
We all know like in TamilNadu & Kerala Suriya has lot of fans in Andhra also. Previously released movies of Suriya like 7aum Arivu are dubbed to Telugu by consulting the fans in Andhra.
Now, “MaattrraaN” is also going to dub in Telugu. The specialty in this is ‘it is dubbed by our stylish actor Suriya himself.’
If the reports are to be believed the Telugu version of “MaattrraaN” “Brothers” will also released on October 12. 

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